Monday, June 20, 2011

About Blacksmiths, swords and iron (Part I)

Anatolia is well-known for its contribution to the development of metallurgy and iron-casting. Among the numerous loanwords in Armenian that can be traced to the Hurro-Urartean substrate, a particularly interesting one is: darbin blacksmith < unattested Urartean dabrenni, attested Hurrian tabrenni. This word was also borrowed into Sumerian as tibira.

The most interesting feature is that on the surface Armenian darbin could also be compared with Latin faber. Both words correspond well enough to reconstruct a pseudo-root *dhabh-r-. It is quite clear that Latin is also a loanword from this Anatolian source.

Once again it can be noted that voiced phonemes become so-called voiced aspirated in Indo-European languages.

Wanderworts seldom travel alone. Next time I will explain the words sword and brass.

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