Friday, July 22, 2011

About the word ‘beaver’ *bebhrus (Part II)

For some unclear reasons kinship words belong to the same pattern of u-suffix :
- *dheH1l-u- ‘suckling’ (Mallory-Adams 2006:558 a dialectal word).
- *magh-u- ‘young adult’ (Mallory-Adams 2006:544). English maid.
- *man-u- ‘man, male’ (Mallory-Adams 2006:544). English man.
- Cf. the word *pu- ‘child’: Sanskrit putrá ‘son’, Latin puer ‘child’, Greek paFís ‘child’.
*suhxn-u-son’ (Mallory-Adams 2006:556). English son
- *wet-u- in Latin vetus ‘old’, Balto-Slavic *vẽtusos ‘oldman’. Probably related to *wet ‘year’ (Mallory-Adams 2006:564). Hence not a true adjective etymologically.
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