Wednesday, August 31, 2011

About the original location of Proto-Indo-European

Original location of PIE in North-Western Anatolia (Before -7000 BCE)

Proto-Indo-European (stricto sensu) is related to Anatolian Indo-European to form the Indo-European family (largo sensu). There is absolutely no indication that Anatolian IE is intrusive in Western Anatolia, even though it grew eastward and replaced Hatti and Kaftiu, with which it is closely related.

Considering the close genetic relationship of PIE with Hatti and Nax, in addition to that with Hurro-Urartean-Kassite on the other hand, it is more or less inevitable to conclude that PIE originates somewhere in Anatolia (or present-day Turkey in other words).

Considering the respective positions of PIE (stricto sensu), Anatolian IE, Hatti and Hurro-Urartean, North-Western Anatolia appears to be the best candidate to locate PIE.

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